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SubjectThread Questions
My company is currently working on porting our system monitoring product
(developed under Solaris & NT) to Linux. In the process, we have
encountered a couple of issues relating to Linux's thread
implementation. I have spent the past week scouring documentation for
each of these, without any luck -- I'm sorry if these are FAQ's.

The first is that we need a way to determine whether a given process ID is
a light weight process (i.e. a thread of an existing process) or a
process. Basically, we need to be able to extract the total memory and
resource utilization for all threads in a "process", but must not see each
thread as a separate process. Currently, working through /proc, we are
seeing each thread as a separate process and are thus claiming that
applications are using far more memory than they actually are.

Secondly, we are looking for some way to tie signal handling to a
particular thread. In our application, it is really preferable that all
signals be handled in the main thread (which is the web server). Is there
any way to force all signals to be received in the main thread?

I really appreciate any advice or pointers anyone can give.



Patrick Narkinsky

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