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SubjectNWFS rename() problem

Al Viro,

I got to the bottom of the problems reported by Steve Hirsch relative to
building Linux from an NWFS root volume. I am not doing an explicit
iget() on the new inode and the Linux VFS is corrupting kernel memory
when it gets back the renamed inode.

I have a question here. In rename() is it always assumed that the
target must do a read_inode() via iget() after the file is mv'd? What
about the case where you are simply renaming a file in the same
directory? Is it always the case that rename will remove the old inode
and substitute the new one even if you are just renaming a file in the
same directory? This is the case causing all the problems.

A description of just how rename() is **SUPPOSED** to work would help.
The Linux rename() semantics are somewhat confusing -- last bug and NWFS
will run as a root filesystem in Linux and we can ship our Linux
Distribution. I fixed the bamp() bugs reported at the same time, so the
page cache is now working and apps run ok. Runs very fast too....

Please advise.

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