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SubjectRe: SCO: "thread creation is about a thousand times faster than on native Linux"
Joerg Pommnitz writes:

> quote> SCO's Juergen Kienhoefer tells us that by mapping clone processes
> quote> directly onto UnixWare's native threads, huge performance gains
> quote> can be realised. "Basically thread creation is about a thousand
> quote> times faster than on native Linux," he said. The performance boost
> Somehow I doubt this. I could believe that the glibc pthread layer
> causes a lot of overhead for the thread creation, but I cannot
> imagine that they get clone 1000 times faster than the Linux kernel.

So glibc overhead is nearly a factor of 1000. Film at 11.

Ulrich Drepper has repeatedly flamed Linus for not adding the
features needed for low-overhead POSIX threads. Linus thinks
the POSIX thread interface is broken, so he won't add the ugly
bits needed to sanely reach POSIX compliance. Ulrich has tried
to write a fully-compliant POSIX thread API, always choosing
correctness over performance.

Thanks to this fight, we get a severely bloated almost-POSIX
monster that damn near everyone hates. The lack of a unified
source tree (as found in the BSD world) only makes this worse.
There is no global tree owner to resolve this dispute.

To POSIX or not to POSIX, that is the quarrel. Too bad that it
flushes our performance down the toilet. We've seen this before
and will see it again: sysctl, floating-point initialization...

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