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SubjectRe: SCO: "thread creation is about a thousand times faster than onnative
> Solaris (and possibly the upcoming BSD threads support)
> will map threads onto kernel threads as needed. Provides
> better scaling. But it's really a glibc issue. LinuxThreads
> author Xavier Leroy (I think) decided to do a 1:1 mapping.
> LinuxThreads became the glibc pthreads implementation.

People using pthreads arent interested in performance. They are going for
portability at a (high at times) cost.

> Standardized light weight threads would be nice. Does the
> kernel evenhave to provide any additional support to make
> them possible? Or can the glibc guys just bang them out?

The kernel has fast lightweight threading. How you map user space threads and
co-routines onto this is really between the app and libs. In fact I'd argue
strongly that an app _must_ be able to provide its own strategy routine or
some kind of hints to the lib

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