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SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams?
At 23:36 13/08/2000, Christopher Vickery wrote:
>I was beginning to think that the "HPS can be implemented
>using named streams but not vice-versa" argument would hold
>sway. But, in agreement with your point, I notice that an
>MFT entry in NFS (the equivalent of an inode) consists of 7

This is incorrect. There are many more attributes. - Most attributes are
not required (only optional) among them Reparse, named data, index* and
bitmap from below list. - In adition there can be user defined attributes
and in fact to find out what attributes there are, you have to read the
$AttrDef special file to read in a mapping of all attributes on the disk
(names of attributes + number for the attribute). The $MFT file record for
$AttrDef is 4 btw.


> Standard Information - DOS file attributes
> Name - Well, this is NTFS, not Unix
> Security Descriptor
> Data - The data in this file's unnamed
> stream
> Named Data - There can be 0 or more Named Data
> attributes - what we have been
> calling "NTFS-like streams"
> Index Root, Index Allocation, and Bitmap - Somehow these
> structs allow individual 32KB
> extents ("compression units") to be
> compressed or not.
> Reparse - Identifies a file system filter
> that executes when this file or
> directory is accessed. (You could
> associate tarfs with a tar file,
> for example.)
>So it seems that a complete implementation of NTFS would
>require all the features of other known filesystems.
>(I suppose it's remotely possible that I don't know all the
>features of all filesystems, and thus might be wrong, here.)
>IF one were to change the design of the kernel to allow for
>future support of arbitrary filesystems, it seems that
>adequacy of support for NTFS would provide a guage for
>evaluating the sufficiency of such design changes.
>Of course, ioctl() allows anything to be accomplished, but
>my understanding is that there is some sympathy for the
>notion of providing a vfat=>fs api that allows a rich set of
>filesystems to be implemented with a common programming
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