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SubjectAnyone have lkml archived from 15/8-21/8?
Hello LKML readers,

I just came back from a 4-week vacation to find that I am now missing
almost a weeks worth of lkml posts. - I am not really interested in
everything but I am interested in the "*NTFS*" thread that has been going
on while I was away.

If anyone has a copy of relevant posts between 15/8 and 21/8 please let me
know of the URL if they are online or let me know you have them so I can
ask you to kindly email them to me. - Please don't just email them to me
since if several people decide to do that I might have a few upset
email-sys-admins knocking on my door very quickly... /-;

Thanks in advance,


"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he
learned in school." - Albert Einstein

Anton Altaparmakov Voice: 01223-333541(lab) / 07712-632205(mobile)
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Cambridge CB2 3BU ICQ: 8561279
United Kingdom WWW:

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