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Subject2.2.1{6,7pre} and 2.4x: sc450nx boot problem

Trying to boot our new quadri-xeon machine, I can't arrive to do
anything. I've successfully booted a 2.0.38 kernel, but vanilla 2.2.16,
17pre19 or even 2.4.0-test-7pre4 stops booting after

Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel.

and there's nothing more. it's just a kernel on a bootdisk, as I
wanted to install it.
(method: make dep clean bzImage; dd if=arch/i386/boot/bzImage of=/dev/fd0)

It just seems like it fails to detect any processor. Does anybody
knows how could I make it boot ?

Hardware config: intel sc450nx with 4 xeon 550, 1GB ram ecc.

Thanks for any idea,
Emacs, not just a way of life but a complete waste of disk space (Alan Cox)
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