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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: Move of input drivers, some word needed from you

>Which is why I want all the USB drivers in one place.
>The USB interfaces are more likely to change than the keyboard
>interfaces. When somebody changes how the USB urb's interact, I'd rather
>have all of that under one tree.

Very good point here. I see this only true for USB and ADB devices. As for
regular joysticks, mice and keyboards this is not the case. Can those go
into new input directory.

>Think about it another way: what about a driver that implements a
>touchscreen and a framebuffer device, all in one (imagine a graphics chip
>with built-in touch-screen support)? Do you want to split it up, so that
>the touchscreen part is in "input", and the framebuffer part is in video?
>Imagine the nastyness when these "two" drivers have to synchronize over
>shared resources? (This, btw, is how the PC keyboard + PS/2 mouse driver
>worked. Nightmare with shared spinlocks etc).

Actually I have a situation like this. My SoundBlaster has a joystick port.
I use the analog joystick driver and the SB driver and they are completely
independent of each other. This problem is going to get worst. In the near
future you will see sound cards and video cards merge. IMO it is better to
split a driver up according to functionality. This is just my opinion and
it should be the choice of the driver writer if he/she wants a massive
single file that does everything for the hardware or a bunch of split
files each doing it's own functionality. In time the best design for that
peice of hardware will come out.

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