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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: Move of input drivers, some word needed from you

>> So, do you think the input layer is a good solution generally?
>> Should PC keyboards and mice go through it, for example?
>> Or is it unnecessary extra complication?
>I think it might be a good idea in a perfect world.


>Basically, because we cannot reasonably do a good job for serial mice,
>we'll always be in the situation that the X server needs to be able to
>handle different mice. Which in my opinion makes it redundant in the
>kernel: while I know that things like GPM etc use mouse devices directly,
>I'm personally convinced that in the bigger picture the only thing that
>really matters is X.
>And X handles multiple input devices quite nicely, these days. That
>didn't use to be the case. So the advantage of having an input layer in
>the kernel is greatly diminished - and basically nonexistent if X still
>has to be able to do different mice.
>Quite frankly, I think that input to a large degree was a thing where the
>argument for it has gone away. I suspect the GGI people are the only ones
>who _really_ feel they have to have it.

Reasons to support the input interface:

1) I don't know how well you understand X internals but X internals are
based around the concept of a input device. Allows for a much better
design for the X server.

2) We don't have to wait 6 months for XFree86 to actually support
the device. You have to admit kernel developement is 100 times faster
than XFree86 developement. Look at the video cards supported in
XF4.0. More cards are supported via fbdev than any other method with
XF4.0 Does XF4.01 even support USB mice and keyboards yet and how long
as USB been supported under linux?

3) Having X run on a embedded machine will never happen.

4) I see /dev/event like DRI. Think of computer games runing with OpenGL
under X windows. OpenGL has a side library called glut with has things
like joystick support. Which do you think will be faster? The OpenGL to
create a X network packet and send to the X server and wait for the X
server to process the packet. Or have the glut library directly access
/dev/event. For computer games, which drive the computer industry,
timing is critical. In this case the kernel manages the input resources
between OpenGL and X windows just like DRI manages the vidoe hardware
between X windows and OpenGL.

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