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SubjectBoot strapping and ATE

Two hopefully quick questions.

I'm building an embedded device out of linux and I was having trouble
booting. Probably a FAQ, right?
I've got a loader that loads an uncompressed and stripped kernel in to
memory at 0x100000 (this is x86) I set up the GDT just like setup.S does
but when the paging bit is flipped on in head.S it goes off in to the
weeds. Any ideas? I've got limited diagnostic capability, I can post
bytes. It happens immediately when the paging bit is flipped on. It
looks like all my segment registers are set right, my a20 test shows
that it's up, my lgdt and ljmp in to protected mode seems to work. I
try to load it in to the exact same spot as setup.S does. We're
attempting to build a LinuxBIOS style boot loader on the NSC MediaGX1,
we're knocking on the door too, made it into the kernel and we're so so
close. I've been trying to debug this for months now, any ideas are
appriciated, I'm not really an x86 hack so even stupid ideas are good

Secondly, has anyone put together some ATE type tests for running under
Linux? That stuff is usually kind of hardware specific but memory tests
and certain PCI and chip tests could be generalized. The unfortunate
downside of using a LinuxBIOS style boot loader is that you can't run
DOS or DOS programs on the hardware and DOS is the linuga franca of x86
based ATE tests, from what I gather.


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