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SubjectRe: [OT] Disgusting, completely disgusting
On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Mike A. Harris wrote:


> This is simply disturbing me to no end. An outrageous and blatent
> abuse of the Linux community. Not to mention an abuse of Linus's
> trademark.

Your abuse of this list is no less offensive to many. Why
do you (and others) insist upon sending such irrelevant
stuff to this list? When you put "[OT]" in the subject
line, do you consider what it means? To me, it looks like
no more than a desire to make some noise.

Guess what? If anyone on this list had any interest in
such ramblings, they would already be involved in other,
more appropriate forums. Perhaps you should do the same?

Unless you have a netiquette exemption licence, please
desist from wasting the time of this list.

I would suggest taking it to, with maybe a cc:
to Linus.

Have you considered that that company may have registered
the domain with intent to put up content but not yet have
a site in releaseable form? Did you do _any_ research
before spouting off?


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