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SubjectRe: Header to filter on?
On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Alon Ziv wrote:

> My own rule uses the 'Sender' line:
> :0
> * ^Sender: linux-kernel-owner
> linux-kernel
> this way I also catch messages Bcc'd to the list.

Note that my suggestion (with an extended address) will catch ALL mail
to the list, regardless of headers, since it uses the subscription
address to filter, you don't even need procmail if you're using qmail or
Postfix, you can have a .qmail-lk or .forward+lk (for Postfix) that you
can write your favourite mbox or Maildir/ into.

See dot-qmail(5) for qmail
See local(8) for Postfix

Matthias Andree
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