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SubjectRe: Binary files in the kernel sources?
On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, [iso-8859-15] André Dahlqvist wrote:

>> In 2.0.36 (and present 2.2.10; I've not checked others):
>> Documentation/logo.gif
>This one is still present in 2.4. Wouldn't it be a good idea to
>convert that one to a .png because of licensing issues with .gif

As long as the software used to create the GIF was licenced to
create GIF's, owning and distributing actual GIF images is not in
violation of the law. If it were, every web site in existance
would be sued. Distributing web pages is not much different than
distributing tarred up kernels.

The real reason to convert it to a .png, is simply to boycott gif
images entirely, which I totally agree with. IMHO, PNG should be
the standard format for open source, used in place of .gif
everywhere. I believe GNU advocates png usage and boycotts gif..

My guess is the only reason for logo.gif is that nobody has
bothered to notice it or care. Anyone care to convert it and
submit a png? Sending a diff of a png wouldn't be a good idea I
don't think. ;O)

I can do the conversion if someone else hasn't allready..


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Computer Consultant GNU advocate
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