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Subjecttest7-pre5: sb16 segmentation fault
The sb module can not load correctly as it should. Complains that it can't
find the card. But what is worse is that it leaves the machine in a bad
state, if you try to "cat /proc/ioports" afterwards you get a segmentation

The problem is that the module parameter "multiple" change it's default
value to 1 (in test6 it was set to 0), And in my case with a non-isapnp
sb16 card that means that it doesn't work any more. I guess that when it
tries to set up the second card something fails. I only have one card.

Since most people only have one card maybe multiple should be set to 0 as
default. Or maybe some more logic that only continue to look for
soundcards when the first one was found with isapnp.

Can I have mutiple cards without isapnp? How do I give irq and such
parameters for the second card?


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