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SubjectRe: INITRD/RAMDISK/SYSLINUX booting fails with new kernel (vs 2.2 series)
On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Michael Peddemors wrote:

> Haven't got ANY responses from my repeated requests that this may be an
> issue, and it is a fundamental requirement on my distro, and I found your
> Email in the devfs/util.c so I thought you should be able to steer me in the
> right direction.

(Richard announced a planned and extended email outage a while back)

Hi Michael,

I booted test7-pre5 via syslinux-1.44 with a minimal initrd.gz today.
Can't do much with kernel and initrd on a floppy, but she mounted
/dev/ram0 just fine. I do not have devfs compiled into this kernel..
nor any idea how to use it properly if I _did_ enable it ;-).

label linux
kernel bzimage
append root=/dev/ram0 initrd=initrd.gz init=/bin/sash


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