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SubjectRe: pci - dma definative?
> blocks, 128k in size to the host on each transfer. What i am unsure about is
> the memory allocation.
> cardptr->busaddr = __get_free_pages(GFP_KERNEL,6);
> 6 being for the two blocks of 128k.
> is this the way to do it for the 2.2 kernel?

Same as in 2.0. The problem you have is your code works by luck for 2.0 x86


cardptr->virtaddr = _get_free...
cardptr->busaddr = virt_to_bus(cardptr->virtaddr);

2.4test adds a pci_alloc_consistent() API for doing this and more (it will
handle the cache coherency issues on non x86 etc for you)

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