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SubjectTransparent Proxying
I have a peculiar situation at hand:
I am working with a network that has the following setup (topology)


Client <---> GateWay <---> WebServer

Now I need the ProxyMachine (Linux box which is not yet connected anywhere
on the network) to be able to intercept ALL HTTP requests to the webserver
and then modify the request and send it to the actual webserver. I have
never used transparent proxying before, but I need to be able to do this
WITHOUT any kind of administrative change on the GateWay OR the WebServer.
Basically, it seems that the ProxyMachine would some how need to intercept
all packets to the WebServer... and I really don't know how to do this.
My question is, How do I accomplish this? Where would I physically place the
ProxyMachine and what kind of set up would I need to do on it?


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