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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: Move of input drivers, some word needed from you
>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Cox <> writes:

>> So you think it's a good thing we have 5 serial drivers rather than
>> one, and it'd be a good thing to split up the one we have into
>> several drivers again ?

Alan> We have architecture specific drivers. We have nice ones in
Alan> places too. They work very well when the hardware in question
Alan> requires a common and complex set of interactions to make it
Alan> work

Alan> Things like the Z85x30 chips, the 16x50 UART etc.

At least for some of these drivers, they could be merged in a nice
way. Some of them were not originally written as individual drivers
because there was a real need for it (I can claim this because I made
this mistake myself in the past).

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