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SubjectSorry for that silly utime() thing...

OK, I posted a real piece of crap. I asked, why utime() exists and why it
allows you to set any time.

Many of you will think that I am a real idiot now, and I would have probably
behaved exactly like you.

However, I'd like to tell you that I was really confused at the moment. Look
at the date header, it say 11:20 a.m., and please believe me that I was not
just waking up but up all night.

It's the kind of thing that happens when you are looking through tons of
source code, beeing pretty much stressed and the brain is so tired that it
gets confused by things that otherwise are very clear.

There's another story I like to tell you. About 2 years ago, a friend of mine,
good at shell programming and also doing this for years, was pretty muched
confused why he couldn't set a variable using "echo foo > $bar" and how the
heck he set environment variables all the time. When I looked at him like
really shocked and told him, that he should set variables as usual, with
"bar=foo", he was really shocked and later it made a big laughter for us. If
I didn't knew him, I would have said that he simply had no clue, but I knew
that he was very good at shell programming and that he just asked this silly
question because he was stressed.

Sometimes, when you've been working too much, things are just going
off your hands.

I would understand it if some of you still are in doubt of my competence,
however... believe me, it was just the tiredness that made me brainless.

Of course I'm _not_ using any file time stamps for security reasons (why
should I?), I'm using MD5 (and now more and more SHA) sums and that's also
the reason why I made a kernel module that checks the MD5 sum upon execution
and not only once a day.

Of course it's totally clear to me why utime() exists and allows you to set
every time you like.

I just have to use my brain :)


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