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SubjectRe: linux-future / linux-kernel
On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:

> Rik van Riel writes:
> > On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> >> Rik van Riel wrote:
> >>> Could you people _PLEASE_ take this thread somewhere else?
> >>>
> >>> There are people here who are trying to stabilise 2.4 and
> >>> get a stable kernel out somewhere in the near future...
> >>
> >> We're discussing a 2.5 feature.
> >
> > That's fine by me, but could you please discuss it
> > somewhere else?
> The lists don't match up with reality very well. It looks like
> you are effectively expecting this:
> When 2.4 is released, all linux-future subscribers suddenly
> switch over to linux-kernel. At this point in time, Linux 2.5
> discussion suddenly becomes on-topic for linux-kernel.
> (and where does Linux 2.4 maintenance discussion go?)
> If we had and
> then there wouldn't be such a problem. Inactive subscribers go
> away too -- but give warning for the archive sites of course.

I disagree since there are always future features that can be planned.
They can either start planning for 2.7 or move of the list.

The argument in question though is not likely to be ready for 2.5 at this
rate.. they seem to be repeating the same points over and over. Someone
should actually try an implementation instead of just arguing.

Usually I read all posts but that is one of the few threads I've started
to just delete without reading.. I echo the pleas of the others to take
it off list.


Gerhard Mack

<>< As a computer I find your faith in technology amusing.

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