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SubjectRe: Out of memory?
On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, David Ford wrote:
>Michael Rothwell wrote:
>> Killing, for instance, kswapd. On my machine last week, the kernel
>> started killing processes. Its first choice was kswapd, and then it went
>> on to my window manager and about 10 other programs.
>> It was pretty retarded.
>I agree, killing init, kernel threads, etc, should be the -last- possible choice
>of kills. For some reason the OOM killer never seems to get the process that's
>currently sucking in memory, it -always- gets the innocent guys and on X
>machines invariably kills it thus rendering the machine unusable as the video
>isn't recoverable.

It gets the process currently requesting memory. Nothing more. That process may
be init, if init is requesting memory (ie. fork/exec).

>> I know Linux overcommits memory and has no way of knowing who the real
>> overallocator culprit is, but wouldn't some resource accounting be good?
>> Or perhaps a tunable or compile-time option to turn off overcommits?
>Yes, it would be good.

You can check out the archives for "beancounter patch". It hasn't yet
made it into the current development stream.

Jesse I Pollard, II

Any opinions expressed are solely my own.
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