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SubjectRe: abstract file (support multi-part)
James Sutherland writes:

> NTFS's streams are not HFS resource forks, although they can be used to
> emulate the latter if needed.

NTFS's streams are exactly like HFS resource forks. Old HFS filesystems
had an implementation limit of 2, but HFS+ (used by MacOS X) lets you
have as many as you like.

> Similarly, NTFS streams are NOT OS/2 HPFS EA's - NTFS supports
> them as well, and they are not related in any way to streams.

I could almost agree with that. Really, you just get a second
stream namespace. One can emulate the other until you hit a
filesystem with both.

Don't forget that XFS, UDF, JFS, and NFSv4 have this type
of feature too. (JFS was hacked to support OS/2)

> Three completely different systems: HFS resource forks, NTFS streams,
> HPFS/NTFS Extended Attributes. The first has already been dealt with;
> the second has a very obvious solution. The latter needs a bit more
> thought - if we really need to support this rather odd HPFS feature?
> Apart from anything else, whatever solution you take for NTFS will
> end up being mapped (in userspace if necessary) into my approach
> for almost every use of NTFS streams. Why reinvent the wheel?

OK, time to be really sick.

You have a drive f: with a file "bar" in the current directory.
You have a directory "f" in the current directory on the current drive.
Directory "f" has an EA called "bar".
Directory "f" has a stream called "bar".
In the same place as "f", you have a file named "f:bar".

BTW, somebody go see if Viro needs CPR.

I say we find out how the _native_ NT API deals with all this shit.
By that I don't mean Win32, because that is just a subsystem sitting
on top of the native API.

I'd ask the guys at, but seeing the crap they
wrote about Linux having fundamental limitations sure doesn't look
encouraging. Any non-hostile NT kernel experts?
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