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SubjectRe: Alpha question (Adaptec AHA-2940UW and ES1373)
Wakko Warner wrote:
> I have those 2 cards (aha-2940uw and es1373) in my alpha.
> The es1373 card works for a few seconds and then starts repeating the same
> second over and over. After a few times of attempting to play any sounds,
> it quits working until the system is reset.
> The aha-2940uw seems to work until I actually send any data out. I have 6
> 2gb disks on it and I attempted to mke2fs on a raid0 across all 6 disks.
> Machine:
> AlphaServer 1000A 4/266 (noritake)

For Cartman, 1000A was INCOMPATIBLE. For Zoot (just checked) Tier-3 is
the answer. So I suppose it is possible to use a 1000A, just very
difficult. Your problem sounds to me like an interrupt conflict (check
/proc/pci) possibly both devices on the same IRQ? (No, I see your
output.) If it was an intel, I would say try moving the PCI cards around
until there are no conflicts. For an Alpha??? Guess it couldn't hurt to
try. Also if you have the 64 bit PCI slots (very long PCI slots) I know
none of your cards make use of it, but I think I remember hearing that
you shouldn't put a 32 bit scsi card in one of those. Try not putting
anything in the 64 bit PCI slots if possible. I could be all wet though.


Chris Kloiber

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