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SubjectRe: Out of memory?
> Every time a flamewar ensued and the patch didn't get merged.
> (and no, I'm not going to submit it again, I have better things
> to do with my time than getting into the next flamewar)

I don't want to start the next flamewar too, but I've tested your
patch several weeks ago and it worked very well for me, i.e.
neither netscape, nor xemacs nor X died during heavy mmap() and
malloc() tests. I had also merged it with andrea's vm-global-2
and got good results (vm-global-2 seems smarter than the default
kernel). anyway, since your oomkill patch only acts in desperate
situations, I think it's a good thing because when an app must die,
and it's better if we can choose which one.

BTW, it seems as andrea's vm-global-2 works well with lastests 2.2.17pre
kernels containing marcello's fixes (couldn't get a kill yet, but if it
happens, the oom killer should help).



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