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Subject[OT] Disgusting, completely disgusting
I believe the URL will tell all.

This is simply disturbing me to no end. An outrageous and
blatent abuse of the Linux community. Not to mention an abuse
of Linus's trademark.

Someone asked me for an advocacy site, and off the top of my head
I provided some URL's. The above one was obviously wrong as it
is NOT an advocacy site, but nothing more than a domain squatter
redirecting pages to a site that has completely nothing to do
with Linux advocacy.

I'm VERY PISSED about this. Someone out there could make a very
decent Linux advocacy site, and that is the ideal name for
it. Instead, some ASSHOLE has SWALLOWED the damned domain.

Can someone do something about this? I know if I had registered
"" before Intel did, that my ass would be in a
sling. Why is it not the same the other way around?

All I can say is "time to bring out Guido, the big mean penguin
with the gold tooth and baseball bat".


Mike A. Harris Linux advocate
Computer Consultant GNU advocate
Capslock Consulting Open Source advocate

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