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Subjectesp/no-dma esp specific infos storage
i am currently having a couple of problems with the esp driver.
I am trying to get the "dec_esp.c" to work with multiple PMAZ-AA cards
which itself seems to be a bit tricky. Most of the esp implementation
rely on the fact that there is only one controller existant as they
fake the dma by storing informations in globals vars on dma_init and
get them again on dma_irq_exit or dma_drain.

I dont like the idea of global vars as this doesnt work with 2 or 3
PMAZ-AA possibly fitting into the Decstations.

Is there any way of storing arbitrary esp specific informations in the
esp struct - esp->slot seems to be not used by the framework but its
of type int and as that not very extensible to a couple of pointers
a length and direction.

Florian Lohoff +49-5201-669912
"Write only memory - Oops. Time for my medication again ..."

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