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Subjectkernel test7.pre5 with no swap = funny
I have tried to burn a cd with cdrecord but all I manage to do was trash
one after another. The problem was that I could not keep the fifo filled
with data. Considering that I have the image on a raid0 with both disk
the same and each can deliver 20MB read per second and the fifo set as
hi as 20MB and niced the process to -20 that is a bit suprising.

It turns out that the error happens after 300-330MB every time and I
have 384MB ram. So I created a swapfile and like magic the problem was
gone have so far done 5 dummy writes and none failed even with the
default 4MB fifo.

So do not run linux without some swap space my system have only sawpped
out 2MB but without that the system seams to missbehave badly(very badly
as the 20MB fifo should protect me for 15-20 seconds).

PS something is wrong in the IDE driver. hdparm -t gives really low
values for me, half what it should be and md0(raid0) gives the same
value as one of the disks, used to be more like 190%.

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