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SubjectRe: Move of input drivers, some word needed from you

> > Yes it was rejected because of the massive moving of files. Linus feels
> > that ugly and Makefile hacks will do for now.
> Hmm, did Linus reject privately? I didn't see anything on linux-kernel.

I don't know who he wrote but I remember recieving a message about my

> Well, OK. This will get really ugly when adbhid.c gets added with one of the
> next PPC merges and and drivers/usb has to be entered for
> CONFIG_ADB/CONFIG_INPUT_ADBHID too. Well, if that's the final word for
> 2.4.0... Can we schedule the move for 2.4.1 then?

Ug! These and Makefile hackes are going to get ugly.

> Who will send the joystick Makefile/ patch to Linus? Please send it
> ASAP, I'll do the hackery for CONFIG_INPUT_ADBHID after that then.

I seen a post of a script and patch for a input directory on the kernel
mailing list.

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