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SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.17pre19
> The wake_up() fix is taken from trident.c and prevents xmms from
> using 100% CPU.


> count-- to --count) and one change which is necessary on my
> Toshiba laptop with a 82443MX-100 (aka 440MX) chipset and a SigmaTel
> STAC9744 codec. On this machine (inl(card->iobase + GLOB_STA) & 0x0100)
> is always true, causing a 10ms busywait for every ac97 access...
> Why was the GLOB_STA check added in the first place? It's IIRC not
> present in 2.2.16.

I read the manual. Maybe that was a mistake.

> Also, on the games I've tried (rocksndiamonds, mirrormagic, xkoules)
> the audio output is completely broken (sound seems to get stuck in
> a short loop). That I haven't managed to fix.

i wonder if these games use the same audio library and if so what it does.
Not to worry. Its going to really ruin my day having to play lots of
mirrormagic again 8)


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