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    SubjectRe: Xircom PCMCIA problems
    On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, Keith Owens wrote:

    > There is a timing problem when the driver sets the MAC filter for the
    > card. Under some circumstances that we could never track down, the MAC
    > filter would not get loaded into the Xircom. Without a valid MAC
    > table, the card does not respond to its own MAC address, only to
    > broadcasts. We could not find any method of querying the Xircom to see
    > if the filter had loaded correctly.
    > Switching the card into and out of promiscuous mode
    > ifconfig eth0 promisc
    > ifconfig eth0 -promisc
    > usually fixes the problem. Leaving promisc reloads the MAC filter.
    > This problem is completely random. I can boot my laptop for days on
    > end without any problems. Then I will get 3 problems in one day.

    This seems to be a different problem...the card in this case is never
    initialized on the first try, and always works properly after an
    up/down. These lines in my network init script work everytime:

    ifconfig eth0 netmask up
    sleep 2
    ifconfig eth0 down
    ./ifup eth0

    (before I thought just telling eth0 to come up worked, but it does
    actually need to be assigned some ip address and the sequence doesn't work
    with anything less than a "sleep 2" before eth0 is brought down)

    This is using the tulip driver, but I also noticed while trying various
    things that the xircom tulip driver won't see the
    card without the xirc2 driver there.

    Would it be an extremely Bad Thing for the xircom tulip driver to pre-init
    the card; in other words put it in and out of promisc mode then drop it
    again on init? One hell of a kludge but I suppose it would "look" better
    for a 2.4 release if the driver worked on the first try.

    On a side note the windoze drivers appear to do something similar on boot
    for this card....the carrier led flashes up/down/up/down/up before finally
    staying on (not that i'm saying the windoze drivers are doing it
    "right" but would be nice to know what else is going on there..)


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