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Subject[Possible solution for NTFS] Re: NTFS-like streams?

On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> David Goebel and friends designed it, and it was architected for Windows
> from the very beginning. Attributes are simply chained elements of a
> file, and any file can have them in NTFS. The repair tool I send folks
> will dump these on-disk structures and illustrate how this is
> implemeneted in NTFS.

Hmm... I have a solution for NTFS crap, elegant in its simplicity:
you have streams - you get <drumrolls> tarball with the name :foo.tar
if the name was foo. And then it's Your Problem(tm). Directories are
somewhat trickier, but we can put alt.flame.David.Goebel:.tar into
directories that happen to have streams.

Yes, I realize what I'm talking about. Generation/parsing (flat, we don't
care for owners or permissions, etc.) tarballs in the kernel is not harder
than parsing the bloody pseudo-inodes. Certainly less code than for a
bunch of new syscalls. Come to think of that, ar(1) might be even simpler.

Moreover, we can easily make it a mount option. In the normal mode you
have files. No streams visible. You want full-blown backup? Fine, remount

(Tongue-in-cheek? Only slightly. I seriously suspect that overall it will
be much easier to implement and maintain. And it _is_ usable enough).

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