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SubjectRe: devfs / eth micro-problems

: > Thus, the name is assigned already when the setup function
: > is called, and the name assigned is independent of boot
: > parameters.
: That is the idea. If the registration fails the name is dropped so
: gets assigned to the next probe it does
It's quite possible there's logic problems but all I know is that the
ether= didn't work at all in 2.3 because of the eth%d changes.

: > Before allocating a name, init_netdev calls
: > netdev_boot_setup_check and this does some extremely
: > ugly junk. If the kernel was booted with parameters
: ok this should be happening after the name is assigned and doing
: comparisons not assignment of the string
Now, I've been on vacation for the last two weeks and I'm still on
vacation for the remainder of this week so I don't have access to my
testing environment thus cannot test and fix this until next monday.
Which I'm going to do unless someone's already fixed it.

: > [Another strange thing is that net/ethernet/eth.c:eth_setup()
: > is precisely identical to net/core/dev.c:netdev_boot_setup().
: > It is __init, but still..]
: One of those probably needs to go - Im not really hacking 2.4 tho
ether= was preserved for backwards compatibility while introducing the new
netdev= which is generic, not just ethernet specific (format for this is
same as for ether=). That is why those two piece of codes are identical.
Now, ether= should probably be deprecated at some point but not in 2.4.

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SSH Communications Security Corp. |
Tel. +358 (0)40 580 6673 | Kasarmikatu 11 A4, SF-70110 Kuopio

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