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SubjectRe: devfs / eth micro-problems
> Thus, the name is assigned already when the setup function
> is called, and the name assigned is independent of boot
> parameters.

That is the idea. If the registration fails the name is dropped so
gets assigned to the next probe it does

> Before allocating a name, init_netdev calls
> netdev_boot_setup_check and this does some extremely
> ugly junk. If the kernel was booted with parameters

ok this should be happening after the name is assigned and doing
comparisons not assignment of the string

> [Another strange thing is that net/ethernet/eth.c:eth_setup()
> is precisely identical to net/core/dev.c:netdev_boot_setup().
> It is __init, but still..]

One of those probably needs to go - Im not really hacking 2.4 tho

> but unfortunately I see that they threw out everything
> before July 1st. No doubt someone can point me to a place
> that has June 2000?]

I believe has one somewhere

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