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    SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams? (James Sutherland)  wrote on 14.08.00 in <>:

    > On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > > > be unified in a way I can serve it over NFS to boxes that dont make
    > > > > that assumption and create the same layout trivially on a non resource
    > > > > forked fs.
    > > >
    > > > Using colon-separated suffixes seems like a reasonable solution IMO.
    > >
    > > colon would work for NTFS I believe. It also happens to sort of work for
    > > the mac as ':' is the directory seperator - the problem is to create
    > > namespace its not uncommon to simply swap / and :
    > Well, Risc OS uses ".", DOS and Windows use "\", NT uses "/"...

    Slight correction: DOS, Windows and NT all use both \ and /, *and* have
    reserved :.

    > I'd just say "Linux uses '/' as a directory separator. If your app uses
    > something else, it's broken. BTW: it IS valid to have a colon in a
    > filename." End of problem...

    I think you completely missed the point.

    Say you have a MacOS HFS pathname ":dir1:dir2:stats from 1/1/2000". Then
    under Linux HFS, this would usually be translated to look like
    "dir1/dir2/stats from 1:1:2000", that is, they'd do a tr :/ /: on it.

    Actually, it seems slightly more complicated than that, but that was the
    point Alan made - and doing this would clash with the :-for-streams usage.

    MfG Kai

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