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SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams?

On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, James Sutherland wrote:

> > OK, NTFS is claimed to support links. I bet that they apply to the
> > whole bunch of forks/whatever, not to the individual components.
> > rename() will do...?
> The same problem comes up if you treat the files as directories. Or
> mountpoints.

Umm... Not really. You have _one_ object and you can't split it up.
man rename and search for EXDEV - you can't rename accross fs boundary.

> > Welcome to fun with rename() that happens to split them (and that will
> > be any rename in your variant).
> We'll have to split them in plenty of cases anyway. Better to regard them

Such as?

> as distinct from the outset wherever possible.

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