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    SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams?
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > > hfs works fine. This is a debate about an existing solved non problem.
    > Alan, do you really mean to say that every filesystem that has resource
    > forks shoul dsolve the problem over and over again, and in different
    > manners?

    The HFS solution has a bunch of nice properties. I and Alan seem to
    agree that they are to be "design guidelines" that are to be taken
    into account. Whatever you design, take into account that

    tar copyability
    unpackability on ext2fs

    are important to some people. A regular file that happens to be a
    directory too is just too unfamiliar that lots of things are going to
    break unexpectedly.

    > It's already been made clear that the HFS solutions is unacceptable for
    > NTFS.
    > In contrast, the NTFS solution _would_ be acceptable for HFS.

    Right, but it has to provide the same features that HFS users now use.

    So to me, the make it both a file and a directory solution is out of
    the question. Besides some namespace issues, the ":" trick works for

    Appletalk server mangles unrepresentable characters with %<hexnumber>
    (% included). It's slightly less clean, but that's how it's done.

    I still don't understand why the .Appledouble directory trick doesn't
    work. Sure, the apple method only allows one extra fork, the resource
    fork, but we can easily extend that.

    I don't understand why the dcache would be incompatible with a
    hardlink for say the "data" part of a file. We can have hardlinks on
    ext2fs, why is it a problem?

    Hmm. Is it that when e.g. I remove the "normal" datafork, the other
    stuff also disappears?

    Shouldn't we say that when this happens, the filesystem needs to keep
    the dentry cache happy by explicitly invalidating the possible dcache
    entry? (because it won't automatically happen on ext2! and in that
    case say the appletalk server needs to cleanup itself.)


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