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SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams?

> Note that this is a subset of what I wanted to make sure the Linux VFS
> layer can do: if a filesystem has multiple forks in a file, the VFS
> layer should be able to handle it by just doing the normal "readdir()"
> and "lookup()" on such regular files.
> Of course, no UNIX filesystem does this, so it has never gotten any
> testing. But the plan was (and is) that if somebody wants to implement
> resource forks, then it should be possible without any hackery.
> Linux does _not_ use the ":" character, of course. Linux uses the same
> old "/" that it always uses for delineating names. That's pretty
> built-in into the VFS layer.
> But it definitely should not be impossible to have a file called
> ~/myfile
> and then access the "Icon" resource in it by just doing
> xv ~/myfile/Icon

Sorry, this is not going to work. I played with this with podfuk, and
xv will probably stat myfile (just for fun), notice it is regular
file, and refuse to try to open myfile/Icon.

What you however can do is xv ~/myfile#utar/Icon. This actually works
for me.

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