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SubjectRe: NTFS-like streams? (Mo McKinlay)  wrote on 13.08.00 in <>:

> Well, it *looks* nice. There's still an awful lot of consistency issues
> that are inevitable when all the applications are written by a bunch of
> different people. This, unfortunately, is where the standard Windows
> desktop wins hands down - despite it's faults - everything is consisent,
> and to the new user, doesn't take long to get used to (Ya, I know moving
> between different versions of Windows does strange things to you,
> but...). That said, CDE does a bloody good job in this respect, too
> (although the desktop takes new users slightly longer to get to grips
> with).

When people advance *Windows* as a *consistent* UI, something is *badly*

Yes, it's more consistant than X, but that's about the limit.

If you want consistent UI, look at modern MacOS versions, for example.
(Incidentally, they also have the "treat structured files as directories"
thing. In purely user-level code. For a strictly selected set of
structured files and contents thereof.)

MfG Kai

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