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SubjectRe: Definitions

I think Redhat has done a stellar job of defending, supporting, developing
and distributing free (see GNU) software. I think they often wait for
three reasons:

(1) stability -- they don't want to update a lot of crap and break
everything too often

(2) licensing -- they support free software, particularly GPL software.

(3) standards -- they make minor kernel patches themselves, but typically
wait for a feature to be blessed before inclusing it, as opposed to
TurboLinux and SuSE.


Mike A. Harris wrote:
> David Woodhouse wrote:
> >Secondly, I really don't understand why Red Hat should give a flying
> >wossname which filesystem their customers use. If anything, they should
> >want to give customers a _wider_ choice, to increase their brand's
> >attractiveness.
> I agree..
> Without even attempting to ask anyone at Red Hat, I'll venture a
> guess that they will include every available filesystem that
> [...]
> patch my own kernel, and don't use the default distribution
> kernel, so any dist coming with or without ReiserFS would result
> in me NOT having it unless Linus accepts it mainstream.
> I'm sure a number of others feel the same.

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