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    SubjectRe: HFS-formatted CDROMs (was: Re: Linux 2.4 Status)
    On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Ricky Beam wrote:

    > Every CDROM drive placed in a PC supports 512 byte sectoring (usually right
    > out of the factory.) The rarer find is a 2048 byte sectored drive common
    > to old Sun hardware -- infact, most Sun's cannot boot from a CDROM that
    > doesn't power up in 2k mode. (All of my plextor drives have a jumper for
    > setting the block size.)

    Uh, normally I wouldn't comment, but I believe you have this exactly
    backwards. Last I checked you can't boot a Sun from a drive that's _not_
    set to 512-byte sector mode, and I've never seen a non-SCSI CD-ROM drive
    that had the option.

    CD-ROM "normal data" sectors are 2048 bytes, not 512.

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