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SubjectRe: a joint letter on low latency and Linux
In article <>,
Pavel Machek <> wrote:
>With fbcon on machine with loaded PCI bus (usb modem), N can be ~500,
>even more with really full screen. You know, fbcon is running with
>interrupts disabled.

I don't know why people keep on mentioning fbcon.

The answer is really simple: if you want low latencies, don't use fbcon.
(Or, if you want to, fix it). End of story. This is not a "Linux
problem" - it's a "don't do that then" problem.

Adding ugly code to fix othe rugly code is not the answer. Fixing the
ugly code is, or just deciding that something is unusable. But fbcon is
not an argument for adding new low-latency features to the kernel.


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