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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Ownership of sockets 2.4.0-test2
    On Thu, Jul 06, 2000 at 06:43:15PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
    > It gets the right owner. The socket is owned by root. You are adding
    > a hideous hack. If you must mess with this then it probably makes more sense
    > to think about fchown() semantics on sockets

    I've just taken a timeout from my temporary braindamage!

    As you say, sock_alloc is not the right place. But I don't
    see any way other than specifically checking if it is a
    local or non-local socket. The attached patch moves it
    into sock_create (and removes some of the other
    braindamage too). It's much nicer (patch attached).

    The thing that puzzles me, is that you don't think it's a bug.
    It is of course root that eg. owns an rlogin connection, but
    shouldn't identd and netstat have the possibility of reporting
    the users uid somehow? The identd in particular.

    PS: Are you thinking about fchown as something an suid-root
    application should do?

    diff -urN linux-2.4.0-test2/net/socket.c linux/net/socket.c
    --- linux-2.4.0-test2/net/socket.c Wed Jun 21 19:10:02 2000
    +++ linux/net/socket.c Thu Jul 6 21:45:55 2000
    @@ -818,6 +818,13 @@

    sock->type = type;

    + if ((domain != PF_LOCAL) &&
    + (domain != PF_UNIX) &&
    + sock->inode) { /* is this needed? */
    + sock->inode->i_uid = current->uid;
    + sock->inode->i_gid = current->gid;
    + }
    if ((i = net_families[family]->create(sock, protocol)) < 0)
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