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SubjectRe: 2.4 status page, lightly updated
> > Audit all char and block drivers to ensure they are safe with the 2.3
> > locking - a lot of them are not especially on the open() path.
> What about the open() path? They have (or grab) BKL there, so it should
> not be something special. Now, read() and write()...

They dont all get open right either ;) And yes a lot get read/write wrong
or assume incorrectly that single opener == single threaded read/write.

> > Stick lock_kernel() calls around driver with issues to hard to fix nicely
> > for 2.4 itself
> ???

(eg the OSS sound which I've done - OSS runs under the big kernel lock, its
simply too foul to correct)

> > File locking needs checking for races
> ? Which locking? flock() or VFS one?

flock/lockf. Willy was/is working on this

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