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    SubjectRe: RLIM_INFINITY inconsistency between archs (Linus Torvalds)  wrote on 27.07.00 in <8lop07$2ee$>:

    > In article <>,
    > Boszormenyi Zoltan <> wrote:
    > >
    > >/usr/include/asm is a symlink to /usr/src/linux/include/asm, as in the
    > >original distribution but /usr/src/linux is a 2.4.0-testX tree.
    > >With a 2.2.X source tree, it does not produce any warning.
    > I've asked glibc maintainers to stop the symlink insanity for the last
    > few years now, but it doesn't seem to happen.

    It's certainly happened in Debian. /usr/include/asm is a directory, and
    its contents come with the libc6-dev package.

    > No. He really meant that you should not use the kernel headers: you
    > should use the headers that glibc came with. It is probably a redhat bug
    > that those headers were a symbolic link.


    This bears repeating:

    > I would suggest that people who compile new kernels should:
    > - NOT do so in /usr/src. Leave whatever kernel (probably only the
    > header files) that the distribution came with there, but don't touch
    > it.
    > - compile the kernel in their own home directory, as their very own
    > selves. No need to be root to compile the kernel. You need to be root
    > to _install_ the kernel, but that's different.
    > - not have a single symbolic link in sight (except the one that the
    > kernel build itself sets up, namely the "linux/include/asm" symlink

    $WHERE_YOUR_KERNEL_IS/linux/include/asm, just to be extra clear.

    > that is only used for the internal kernel compile itself)

    Maybe this should go into a kernel README somewhere in the sources.

    > Is there some documentation file that I've not updated and that people
    > are slavishly following outdated information in? I don't read the
    > documentation myself, so I'd never notice ;)

    Lots of places, actually. find -type f | xargs grep /usr/include and

    MfG Kai

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