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SubjectRe: RLIM_INFINITY inconsistency between archs

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Drew Sanford wrote:

> This is insanity. When I get a new kernel, I drop it straight into
> /usr/src/linux. Compile away. I understand you're saying that this could

Yes. And when you patch it? Or want to compare to trees? And build on
both? What, shuffle the things around? Thank you very much, I'll pass.

> break some programs because because of changes in include file, but
> thats what opensource is for. You notice something breaks, you patch it.
> Try the fix on a machine still running an old kernel. Does it work? If
> it compiles on both systems, submit the fix. Move on. Telling people to
> change the way they've ALWAYS compiled kernels is not the answer.
> Caution is good. People should have enough sense to back up old source
> (unless you have your own personal T1 and its not a problem to download
> a new kernel), but don't put safeguards that change 3 year old unix

Now, now - UNIX standards are way older than 3 years and always had been
very simple: system sources live under /sys.

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