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    SubjectRe: multimounting cdroms ???
    On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Alexander Viro wrote:
    > On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Rik van Riel wrote:
    > > Only one problem though.
    > >
    > > A user can mount the same filesystem multiple times on the
    > > same mountpoint, but will be unable to umount the filesystem
    > > again ...
    > >
    > > umount -f does the trick, but is restricted to root
    > ... but doing umount the same number of times you've done mount isn't ;-)
    > Actually, the more I'm looking at it, the more it seems that correct
    > solution is to consider mount as
    > if (nothing mounted)
    > mount
    > else if (mounted is not busy)
    > replace
    > else
    > fail
    > Makes sense for union-mounts too - normal mount is =, union is += ...

    I agree with you, and in any case, root should always totally
    umount the fs (if it isn't busy of course), I mean, when the superuser
    wants to umount a fs usually he/she really means "umount it now!" :-)

    I think of another problem, what if somebody has the idea of
    something like

    while true; do
    mount /cdrom

    how many times can a filesystem be mounted? (sorry if it is clear in the
    sources, but I have no experience with fs/ )


    - german

    German Gomez Garcia | "This isn't right. This isn't even wrong."
    <> | -- Wolfgang Pauli

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