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SubjectRE: About the Module Disk
On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Wittman wrote:

> Dear Andre:
> I met one big problem in Install Driver with Module Diskette,I can not
> know how to make one Module Diskette when I want to Install Linux Driver
> with Module,can you tell me how to make the Module Diskette or you can
> tell me how to get the Document,I really need your help !!


I had this forwarded to me by someone else. I haven't had time to fully
inspect the information about creating a module disk. Enjoy.

Richard Black

----Modules Disk Begin----
I found the documentation and the Driver Disk Update Development Kit :
The Device Driver Disk Update Development Kit is here :


You can download the Device Driver Update Disk Devel Kit
here :
( be careful 3.9M ! )
In this Kit, I found the "Config file" using by Redhat for his
-----Modules Disk End-----

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