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SubjectNFS problem (2.4.0-test5-pre4)
>>>>> " " == Tigran Aivazian <> writes:

> Hi guys, I just spotted an interesting problem.

> a) I run NFSv3 mountd (i.e. I don't specify --no-nfs-version 3)

> b) v3 support compiled in the kernel (both client and server)

> c) pass "tcp" option to select TCP protocol instead of UDP.

> mount -t nfs -o tcp localhost:/test /mnt

> this hangs. Also, if I try to pass -o nfsvers=3 on a v2-only
> kernel it hangs too (inside mount(2) system call)

> Also, I thought that in v3 it should select tcp protocol by
> default but it selects udp.


The tcp server code is still being developed: I code which works well,
but it's very vulnerable to DOS attacks.

For the moment therefore, knfsd is UDP-only, and the linux client code
defaults to UDP...


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