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    SubjectRe: Does this help explain better?? ATA/IDE Thread
    Andre Hedrick <> said:
    > I am talking about attempting to invoke unknown vender specific commands
    > They do comply with the SPEC but are not part of the SPEC.
    > Since I do not have the priviledge of knowing these facts, but know they
    > exist. You can not allow a rouge driver attempt to invoke these commands.

    So it is not "Danger, Will Robinson! Anybody can fry any IDE disk!"
    anymore, it is _perhaps_ some makes (or even specific models only) _might_
    have idiotic extension firmware commands for self-destruction, which ones
    isn't known, and which require root to be able to be activated in the first

    BTW, not a single report of fried IDE disks (whether false alarm or real Mc
    Coy, doesn't matter) has come through since all this shouting started, with
    plug-in "exploits" (or near) and all, so I very seriously doubt this has
    any practical importance. We are still much more secure than the
    run-of-the-mill Win box, and even there it isn't a problem AFAIKS.
    Horst von Brand
    Casilla 9G, Vin~a del Mar, Chile +56 32 672616

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