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    SubjectRe: TO HELL WITH IT THEN......(re: disk-destroyer.c)
    On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Bryan -TheBS- Smith wrote:

    >> P.S. I don't really trust winnt or win2k for security either
    >> but at least they have some security features.
    >Just wanted to add $0.02 here ...
    >Even putting aside any issues with NT/2000 itself, because 98% of
    >the world's Windows software, let alone the development tools, are
    >quite ignorant of NT/2000 permissions and security model and
    >assume MS-DOS 7.x is underneath (like Window 9x), it doesn't really
    >matter how "good" or "bad" NT/2000 is.

    You bring up a very good point here as well. I'd like to add to
    it that this will mirror itself into the Linux environment as
    well. Lets say tomorrow everyone woke up with Linux on their
    computers - having replaced windows overnight magically, and that
    all of their windows knowledge was transplanted into equivalent
    Linux knowledge.

    The EXACT SAME stupid things, and insecurities would occur. Joe
    blow running netscape as root and getting a buffer overflow, or
    ILOVEUNIX virus, or similar. No different really. Things would
    be slightly better, but the USER is the problem here, not the
    OS. Linux would likely prevent more things from occuring than
    does NT or W2K, but it cant stop a dumb user or careless user.

    >Sorry for the interruption, but it's just a point that needs to be
    >made for the UNIX-ignorant (not really anyone on this list
    >though) from a former NT-advocate (1992-1999, who got fed up with
    >Microsoft's lack of vision and caring for security, let alone a
    >_real_ multi-user OS).

    heheh. Well, its good to see World Domination 101 having an
    effect. Completes the control-feedback loop. ;o)

    Take care,

    Mike A. Harris Linux advocate
    Computer Consultant GNU advocate
    Capslock Consulting Open Source advocate

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    strange UNIX commands, and to boldly code where no one has man page 4.

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